Psychotherapy sessions are almost always covered by health insurance. However, not all plans will cover virtual appointments. See below for how to talk with your insurance company and get answers to important questions.

I am an in-network insurance provider with:
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Colorado

* If I do not accept your insurance, I will work with you as an out of network provider. You will pay for sessions up front and will be given a statement that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company to verify your mental health benefits as well as how they work with an out of network provider.


Every plan is different even for employees working at the same company sometimes. To avoid surprises with your insurance, I strongly encourage to contact your insurance company and ask the following questions.

  •  Does my plan cover Mental Health Benefits?

  •  What is my Mental Health Deductible? 

  •  Have I met my deductible? If not how much have I contributed towards my deductible.

  •  Do I have a Copayment or Coinsurance that will be due at the time of service?

  • Are Online Therapy Services (Telemental Health Services) covered under my plan? (Many states require that insurance companies cover online services).

  • Ask your insurance company if it requires the therapist to be part of a preferred provider network.

  • If the therapist IS NOT part of the preferred provider network, will the insurance company reimburse you for any part of the therapist's fees?

  • Is there a limit to the number of sessions?

Online Video Counseling Check In

You will be emailed a link that you just have to click on to join the session. I use the platform so if you do not have this application, there will be a link in the appointment email that is sent to you to download it to your device. Just click on the link and it will automatically download. The process takes just a few seconds and is only required once.


To have a successful sessions, users must have:

  • Mac/PC/Chromebook with camera, microphone, and speakers OR mobile phone or tablet (iOS or Android)

  • You MUST enable your camera and microphones if not already enabled

  • Internet connection with at least 750kb/s download and upload speeds

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (latest release versions) on computer

Please remember that Wendy will not be able to meet with you outside of your scheduled appointment times. If you need to contact her, please call (970) 207-1368.


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